Blood Cleansing Digestion Enhancing Salad

A Blood Cleansing Salad

It was a little experiment in the kitchen…and it was a successful one at that! I made this roasted beet and fennel salad for dinner. For generations, beets have been known for their blood cleansing abilities, and fennel for its ability to aid in digestion. This was delicious as well as being perfect for all the benefits it gave to our bodies.

It’s all in the Betalains

Beets get their blood cleansing properties from powerful betalains, the pigments. It is these betalains that interact with oxidants, combining with the oxidants to render them harmless. This reaction appears to be protective for your DNA.

Oxalic Acid Assists in Blood Cleansing

Raw beets also provide oxalic acid, which is a powerful solvent of inorganic calcium deposits. This is also important because as inorganic calcium accumulates in the body, it becomes another factor in a number of disease processes. The oxalic acid also then has blood cleansing abilities.

More Benefits From Beets

Beets provide a large dose of Vitamin C, the B Vitamin folate, and the minerals potassium, manganese, zinc and copper

Beets also have the ability to lower blood pressure. Beets have a high amount of nitrates. In our body, those nitrates get converted to nitrites and then into nitric oxide. Yes, nitric oxide like that used when someone is having a heart attack. Nitric oxide expands the blood vessels. This is why it is used for people having heart attacks, and it is the same reason it reduces blood pressure.

The Conclusion  on Beets

The more powerful effect is right there in the beets – the sum IS greater then the sum of its parts. The very powerful combination of betalains ,oxalic acid are the powerhouses with regards to blood cleansing. Then add in all the other very helpful vitamins, minerals and other phytonutrients, and you have a vegetable that should be a staple in your healthy diet!

Benefits From Fennel

The other fabulous ingredient in this dinner is fennel. Fennel is wonderful raw or prepared umpteen different ways…how can you go wrong when fennel is in a dish? As an Acupuncturist/Herbalist, I am used to using fennel as a way to help people with digestive problems, (IBS, colitis, crohns disease…). Fennel gives us a good amount of fiber and vitamin C. Fennel also gives us potassium. manganese and folic acid.

This is a Fiber Filled Dinner

Since both beets and fennel provide our bodies with a great dose of fiber, this makes this salad great for your intestines. This whopping dose of fiber is exactly what is called for to help prevent colon cancer.
Give this one a try! Enjoy!

Blood Cleansing Salad

Blood Cleansing Salad

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